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PCF-9 - Alex, Britt, Steffi, Viva & Jessica - 57:00 Min.

Alex, Britt, Steffi, Viva & Jessica
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Alex, Britt, Steffi, Viva & Jessica

1) Alex vs Viva
2) Steffi vs Britt
3) Viva vs Jessica
4) Alex vs Britt
5) Britt vs Viva
6) Steffi vs Jessica

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Private Catfights - 9

Big is Beautiful - a family meeting!

This production is really something like a family meeting. Because Alex could also persuade her second daughter Viva to join in. Until that day she only had had a short appearance in a mud fight. And more she originally hadn't intend to do.

And she only wanted to join in if Britt, another member of her family, would also take part.

So look forward to fights like 'mother against daughter', 'megatits in her face' and 'sister against sister'.


Details - Britt


Details - Viva


Details - Steffi


Details - Jessica


Details - Alex

1. Alex vs Viva (mother against daughter / 9:08 mins)

Immediately in the first match Viva had to show her assets. And was visibly surprised how hard her mother attacked her, took her by her hair, and pulled her to the floor. And also the weight of her mother the poor girl had obviously underestimated!

But soon Viva dropped her shyness, used shameless every chance she got, and pinched her helpless mother again and again into her enormous butt.

Isn't it absolutely fascinating to watch how Viva gets more and more self-confidence? Okay, she had seen she videos of her mother and her sister before. But seeing a video is one thing. Another to touch ones own mothers tits in reality! And not only to touch them, but also to pinch them!

But then Viva made a mistake. She got up and also gave her mother the chance to stand up too. A severe mistake, a very severe mistake. Because who once is buried under these enormous masses of flesh - will never have the chance to come free again!

And so it came. Viva had to give up. And immediately wanted revenge. And got it. But Alex had obviously forgotten, that she was still laying on the floor. And this time Viva gave her no more chances.

Free Standard Download: 1-1 Alex vs Viva

During the filming we again and again asked ourselves, why Alex had called her daughter 'you little bastard' all the time. Now we know. After we cut the video. Viva pinched her mother all the time again and again into her butt. And how!

What a beginning for our newcomer Viva!

VOD: 1 Alex vs Viva

9:08 Min. - 143.11MB*

2. Steffi vs Britt (2 x XXL breasts / 6:27 mins)

Our second newcomer at that day was Britt. And also Britt had of course watched the videos from Alex and Steffi before, so that she knew what was waiting for her. And for the first time Steffi had to face an opponent with even larger tits then her own! Her comment to this fact, she told us later after the fight: Unusual. Very unusual!

And then Britt had to prove her assets on the mat. Although she had never taken part in a catfight before.

To get Steffi onto the floor is not that difficult. Because of the length of her hair. But also to get on top of her is something else.

When Steffi finally sits on Britt, Britt tries to bring her down again with a push of her knee. With an unexpected result: Steffi falls to the front - and her enormous tits land directly in the face of Britt.

Britt obviously had forgotten: To watch a video is one thing. Another, to face another woman in reality on the mat!

And also Steffi should better not pull at Britt's slip. Because at these enormous butts these little things already fit tight enough. And if someone pulls at it in addition - that's obviously something Britt doesn't like at all. With the result, that Britt begins to attack Steffi again. But only with little success.

Steffi goes on almost unimpressed. And on this photo you can see very good how deep the panties really cut into their pussies!

And now Steffi begins her final. Many of you have asked us in your e-mails if the girls could show something like the following. Well. Here it is! Thanks to Steffi! We are sure, many of you will just love it!

Free Standard Download: 2-1 Steffi vs Britt

Steffi not only tried to suffocate Britt with her enormous tits, she also slammed them into her face! And then the final: The facesitting! But not perfect! So that Britt could free herself again.

And now, for the first time, it is Sfeffi who had to bear the enormous tits of her opponent in her face! Although she had done her best to avoid it. Steffi's comment to this situation after the fight: "It was disgusting. Absolutely disgusting!"

Up till now only about four minutes had passed. And the two went on. For another almost five more minutes!

VOD: 2 Steffi vs Britt

6:27 Min. - 96.46MB*

3. Viva vs Jessica (sister against sister / 9:07 mins)

Jessica, the younger sister of the two, had the advantages that she had had learned a lot from Inez (in CFK-1 and CFK-2). What she immediately presented. By attacking the totally surprised Viva at her tits. And not only that. She also immediately began to pinch them! Of course the two sisters had had more than only one quarrel before, even quite heavy ones, but immediately pinching into her tits! In front of a camera! Viva was visibly shocked.

And Jessica went on. Without hesitation she garbed between Viva's legs and tried to present us her naked pussy! What a beginning!

That was too much for Viva. Who originally even didn't wanted to fight topless!

But what showed an even greater effect at Viva was, when Jessica not only pulled at her little breasts, but tried to pull them up to her head!

Jessica was obviously fascinated from all the things she could to with her sister today. In former times her mother Alex surely would have punished her with weeks of keeping her in her room for that. And today she was even paid for it! Something she just had use!

Viva really looks worn out from this fight. Well, let's hope that she is still willing to go on. Even after this experience with her little sister!

Free Standard Download: 3-1 Viva vs Jessica

VOD: 3 Viva vs Jessica

9:07 Min. - 138.71MB*

4. Alex vs Britt (mother against aunt / 8:03 mins)

Alex, the oldest and heaviest in the team knew: When she once is on the floor, and also on her back, she would have little chances to get back onto her feet again. So she immediately started with a frontal attack.

The best weapons against Britt are without any questions: A grip into her hair, then pulling her down, and then just to lay upon her. The rest will automatically be done by gravity!

With these masses of flesh of altogether almost 200 kg on the mat it is surely no surprise for you to see no wild and fast and furious wrestling. But to see both primarily trying to make each other tired. And of course to torment each other!

Free Standard Download: 4-1 Alex vs Britt

The first who got exhausted was Alex. As she had, besides her own weight, also to move the weight of Britt. And this was obviously too much for her. What Britt now of course used for her own advantage...

VOD: 4 Alex vs Britt

8:03 Min. - 122.34MB*

5. Britt vs Viva (aunt against niece / 12:48 mins)

Viva started this fight against her aunt very engaged. But soon had to realise, that she would only have little chances against her aunt Britt. To be honest: Viva only had one or two real chances in this match. Something she before surely hadn't expected!

Because Britt could keep Viva away from her hair, her weakest point. And in return had no problems to grab into Viva's hair and finally to force her down.

Free Standard Download: 5-1 Britt vs Viva

And even when Britt was on the floor, Viva wasn't able to use her advantage.

And when laying between the strong legs of Britt the chances of Viva almost turned towards zero!

But then, almost at the end of the match, Viva got another chance. Would her aunt once again be able to free herself? Who in the meantime looked quite exhausted. Because if: God may bless you Viva!

VOD: 5 Britt vs Viva

12:48 Min. - 199.18MB*

6. Steffi vs Jessica (11:13 mins)

To this fight Jessica had really looked forward. Now she had finally the chance to fight against Steffi. Who up till now had only filmed her with the second camera and watched her fights. These images view their match after only 19 seconds of fighting!

Both obviously wanted to establish their superiority within the first seconds of the match. With Jessica keeping the hair of Steffi in her hands almost until the end of the fight. What seemed to be the best weapon against Steffi. On the following photos you can see quite well the tactic of Jessica. First she pulls her opponent down by her hair, then she fixes her with her legs, and then...

But Steffi doesn't try to get on the save side. In the contrary. Also she attacks again and again. But it's always Jessica who gets her grip into the long hair of her opponent first.

Then Jessica tries to get the decisive grip - and Steffi has obviously no other idea. She pulls at Jessica's thong - who immediately cries out and jumps up - and Steffi is free again!

But Jessica's revenge follows immediately. With the result that it's now Steffi, who has to feel how painful it is, when her slip cuts deep into her pussy lips. What make her that furious that the fights shortly after is over.

Free Standard Download: 6-1 Steffi vs Jessica

While laying heavily breathing side by side on the floor it was suddenly Jessica, who blurted: "Well, as far as I'm concerned. I'm not finished yet." What she better had not done. Because not a second later the two were fighting again. Our luck, that we had forgotten to turn off our camera. So that you can see their whole fight, the end, the 30 seconds break and the fresh start totally uncut!

When you see these last images you perhaps may imagine why we enjoy our filming with these girls that much. They are just always engaged with their heart and their soul!

VOD: 6 Steffi vs Jessica

11:13 Min. - 177.24MB*


  PCF-9 complete / komplett

57 Min. - ~877.04MB* (.zip)

Do we really have to add a comment after these photos? Perhaps just a short note: From this day we have another two videos. So look forward!

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