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PCF-17 - Gundula, Doris & Cati - 58:00 Min.

Gundula, Doris & Cati
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Gundula, Doris & Cati

1) Doris vs Cati
2) Doris vs Gundula

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Private Catfights - 17 or Berlin Catfights 4

...more and more!

This is the second part of "Doris invites to her home". It`s about two enthralling and extreme hard fights. Thus even Cati who is more into soft and lesbian has been forced to do a work out.

These fights were so good, that a problem occurred when we cut them. We asked ourselves: "Do we show the pussyfight or rather the facesitting or can we have one thing first and then the other?" We have decided for the last scenario for we want to show everything.

After the fight we have asked Gundula for a statement about why she does catfights. You can read this in the end, it is interesting.


Details - Cati


Details - Doris


Details - Gundula

1. Doris vs Cati (31:05 mins)

This time Cati was not meant to fight. But she went on my nerves the whole day long :"I want to do with Steffi, please , please..." So we had a heart and let her fight but not with Steffi who had to film with the second camera and Doris was prepared to fight.

PCF-17 - 1 (Doris vs Cati)

Though Cati had already seen Doris in action this was a surprise to her. She surely has not imagined the first one and a half minutes the way they went.

PCF-17 - 1 (Doris vs Cati)

Free Standard Download: 1-1 Doris vs Cati

Cati had no clue what happened to her. Doris pulled her slip so hard that it cut into her pussy. Before Cati became aware of it Doris pinched her hand into the breast only to start an attack in the pussy right afterwards. 2:12 minutes past. If they are going on in this celerity Cati would be finished after 4 minutes.

PCF-17 - 1 (Doris vs Cati)

But Cati did not give up and her weight and her giant breasts helped her and this made Doris only fight harder.

PCF-17 - 1 (Doris vs Cati)

Still Cati did not seem to be a serious opponent. She seemed more to be a sparing partner with which Doris could try some stuff.

PCF-17 - 1 (Doris vs Cati)

Free Standard Download: 1-2 Doris vs Cati

Facesitting alone is not enough for Doris. Maybe her aggression is because in the beginning of the fight Cati had said: "Now Doris is going down the second time"! On these three pictures you will recognize how it starts unpleasently then wents even more unpleasant and eventually becomes painful.

PCF-17 - 1 (Doris vs Cati)

Cati after the fight: "I am a bisexual but getting a pussy into your face after ten minutes of catfighting is disgusting"!

PCF-17 - 1 (Doris vs Cati)

After this action Cati suddenly changed into a fully dangerous opponent and now friends of hairpulling will be paid for waiting.

PCF-17 - 1 (Doris vs Cati)

Free Standard Download: 1-3 Doris vs Cati

So that you can see that we have about 10 minutes of finest bonus we have some pictures here for you to check out:

PCF-17 - 1 (Doris vs Cati)

Also the hairpulling is being caught a bit better by Steffis camera.

PCF-17 - 1 (Doris vs Cati)

The next pictures prove that Cati made a lot of efforts in this fight as well which does not become clear be reading the above description.

PCF-17 - 1 (Doris vs Cati)

Lucky we had two cameras for where would you have held the camera to filmed these positions?

PCF-17 - 1 (Doris vs Cati)

VOD: 1 Doris vs Cati

31:05 Min. - 466.04MB*

2. Doris vs Gundula (25:16 mins)

We could have stopped after this fight but Doris still wanted her re-match (on PCF - 16) with Gundula. We let Doris take her 15 minutes break and then we started.

In opposite to Cati Gundula humiliates her opponent by giving the camera more to see than anyone would probably like to show - and with how much aggression!

PCF-17 - 2 (Doris vs Gundula)

Free Standard Download: 2-1 Doris vs Gundula

Another difference: Neither Doris nor Gundula do defend in first place. Only when the pain gets really too strong one grabs the opponents hand.

PCF-17 - 2 (Doris vs Gundula)

Doris tries the same way she did with Cati: pulling down by the hair and sitting onto her then.

PCF-17 - 2 (Doris vs Gundula)

"Everything Doris can do can I do as well and better" must Gundula have thought during this facesitting. She has only one weakness: The hairpulling.

PCF-17 - 2 (Doris vs Gundula)

Free Standard Download: 2-2 Doris vs Gundula

But Gundula is not like Cati and also in every other way is this fight different from all the others. Gundula does only know one end: Forcing Doris to capitulate by pulling her pubes and labia and pushing her finger in.

PCF-17 - 2 (Doris vs Gundula)

The whole scenario being spiced with a fine facesittiong capitulation cannot be far.

PCF-17 - 2 (Doris vs Gundula)

Though Doris would not give up that quick even when her position was really sorry. She then tried to push her thumb into Gundula and she nearly messed it up but then Gundula sat up and moved into her thumb accidentally.

PCF-17 - 2 (Doris vs Gundula)

Fans of facesitting will be completely satisfied. Not sitting for 2sec. and than giving up, no- Doris tries to free herself what seems to be rather hopeless against Gundula.

PCF-17 - 2 (Doris vs Gundula)

Again and again Doris manages to free herself but the past fight with Cati now shows it`s impact.

PCF-17 - 2 (Doris vs Gundula)

Free Standard Download: 2-3 Doris vs Gundula

Even though Gundula was of the opinion: "I have not pushed my finger into her", the picture proves her wrong. Might have been the revenge for Doris` thumb. When you have a look at the last two pictures we will not have to explain who has been the winner. I hope we will be able to bring Gundula and Doris together again!

PCF-17 - 2 (Doris vs Gundula)

VOD: 2 Doris vs Gundula

25:16 Min. - 382.24MB*


  PCF-17 complete / komplett

56 Min. - ~848.28MB* (.zip)

There is no comment on this video but you are getting Gundula`s letter about herself and her catfight instead:

hello guys,
I like being dominant. I do have a devote side as well but if it is about to win a fight, that part of me stays at home.
I enjoy torturing my opponent. That pays me reparation for the pain and the sweat during the fight.
And I finally can profit from the fact that I am dealing with a woman.

It is quite a hard work to fight your opponent until the end of her power and fighting with Doris some doubts would arise from time to time and I questioned myself: "Can I do this"?

And every time that I lay on the ground I have had this question beforehand. But everytime when I sat on her face I knew I can do it and her suffering Face gave me power.
It is a great feeling having my pussy slowly sliding upon her face. On the other hand was it quite disgusting when she managed to push her finger in my own pussy at one time. I have spread her pussy and shown it to the camera.

I knew it would record everything and now the whole World can see her vagina. That was a good motivation for me.

Doris did not make any gifts. She struggled all the time she fought back and winded herself even though she would not have any chance.
I think sometimes she noticed that and let me massage her pussy without any efforts.
But she did never give up and when I finally pushed my finger into her pussy she did not like it and she struggled with all her might.
What a loss: she gave up right before I was going to rape her.

It has been a well catfight and for sure not the last one between Doris and me. For she has not been able to win over me and I have not hat the opportunity to rape her do we both have an open bill with each other.


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