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#537 article number: ACG-21 - 3

Anja vs Nicole - Camera 1 (13:17)

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basement / other rooms


heavy hairpulling

tit grabbing

tit pulling

crotch grabbing

labia pulling


body scissors









Here is my favourite pairing: Anja vs Nicole. This is not because I work with Anja closely but I feel bound with Nicole who is close to me in shape and character.

After having watched the first seconds of this fight and imaginating Anja doing this to me I felt so sick. How could Nicole stay so still?

If you guys touch a women`s breasts it can be quite uncomforting from time to time but in this fight did Anja not only grab at the tits but she screwed them as if they were some wet laundry that she wanted to wring out, ouch!

However, Nicole could stand this and she was even better - no matter which bad situation she was in but she always hat one free hand with which she tortured Anja`s pussy. Whilst Anja stuck her finger in, - as you can see on picture 1- Nicole just grabbed at it and pulled whatever she could hold tight up to the bellybutton. I had screamed and Anja did so as well.

Anja`s breast were not spared. Tit for tat!
Anja (Katrin)
height 172
age 22
weight 56
country Germany
cup size E
height 163
age 23
weight 62
country Germany
cup size E