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#5 article number: PCF-17 - 2

Doris vs Gundula (25:16)

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Catfights (hard)

Pussy-, Titfights, etc.



mini skirt / mini dress

dressed --> topless


topless --> nude

dressed --> nude


apartment mats


heavy hairpulling

tit grabbing

tit pulling

tit pulling (heavy)

crotch grabbing

labia pulling

labia pulling (heavy)

pussy to mouth





legspread pin

body scissors









We could have stopped after this fight but Doris still wanted her re-match (on PCF - 16) with Gundula. We let Doris take her 15 minutes break and then we started.

In opposite to Cati Gundula humiliates her opponent by giving the camera more to see than anyone would probably like to show - and with how much aggression!

Another difference: Neither Doris nor Gundula do defend in first place. Only when the pain gets really too strong one grabs the opponents hand.

Doris tries the same way she did with Cati: pulling down by the hair and sitting onto her then.

"Everything Doris can do can I do as well and better" must Gundula have thought during this facesitting. She has only one weakness: The hairpulling.

But Gundula is not like Cati and also in every other way is this fight different from all the others. Gundula does only know one end: Forcing Doris to capitulate by pulling her pubes and labia and pushing her finger in.

The whole scenario being spiced with a fine facesittiong capitulation cannot be far.

Though Doris would not give up that quick even when her position was really sorry. She then tried to push her thumb into Gundula and she nearly messed it up but then Gundula sat up and moved into her thumb accidentally.

Fans of facesitting will be completely satisfied. Not sitting for 2sec. and than giving up, no- Doris tries to free herself what seems to be rather hopeless against Gundula.

Again and again Doris manages to free herself but the past fight with Cati now shows it`s impact.

Even though Gundula was of the opinion: "I have not pushed my finger into her", the picture proves her wrong. Might have been the revenge for Doris` thumb. When you have a look at the last two pictures we will not have to explain who has been the winner. I hope we will be able to bring Gundula and Doris together again!
height 172
age 29
weight 66
country Germany
cup size C
height 165
age 28
weight 53
country Germany
cup size C