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Doris vs Inez - We meet again, this time with Inez (03:21)

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I'm Doris, perhaps one or two of you know me and I have a boyfriend who loves catfights - grin, grin! After the last running commentary I thought it had all been said, and I had no idea that people were so interested in my person, but Cindy is right, the story continued:

But no longer with Mareike; she and my ex had split up. Was it my fault? At least I hope so, not that it brought me anything though, because our contact stopped except for a few birthday greetings (by SMS - how impersonal!).

I can't remember which year it was, but he rang me out of the blue and asked me if I wanted to earn some money. Of course, with catfight? No problem, who's your new girlfriend? Apparently they weren't together, so nothing was happening, obviously. What model travels from Berlin to Flensburg to my place in the middle of the night? More that 600 miles just like that, for 30 minutes catfight? Did my ex really think I was that stupid?

And then the wrestling (it wasn't supposed to be a real fight) was to take place with us dressed in swimsuits, no rounds, just writhing about. When they arrived he made a big fuss, insisting that I get changed in the living room on my own, with Inez in the kitchen. The first I saw of her was when she came out of the kitchen straight at me and it all started!

For the first few minutes we hesitated to get a real hold of each other. It wasn't fighting, there wasn't even any action, it was just tense! We tried with our bodies to push each other away, or better still, get on top of the other one. I let Inez win once.
height 172
age 29
weight 66
country Germany
cup size C
height 167
age 24
weight 54
country Germany
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