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Doris vs Mareike - My first fight (24:13)

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Catfights (Storyline)




dressed --> topless


topless --> nude

dressed --> nude


furnished apartment



tit grabbing

tit pulling


crotch grabbing

titfight - breast to breast


Erotic / Lesbians





legspread pin

body scissors

leg scissors











Here is the first fight. I would like to call it a 'try':

I realised quite soon that Mareike* had no wrestling experience - and therefore started off a little more boldly.

We began as if we were dancing. But different. I felt her breasts and realised that this woman was now the lover of my former boyfriend. Standing in her underwear in front of me in my own living-room - with my former lover watching us through his camera.

We looked each other into our eyes and hers seemed to tell me: Whatever you do, tonight, honey, he will sleep in my bed!

First Mareike seemed to be quite shy and frightened. But after she pulled at my hair for the first time, I realised that this was only a mask!

It are the small grips, no one sees, which hurt a lot! So, let's see what happens when I uncover Mareike's top. Only a bit. Then a grab between her legs, then spreading her legs apart - and indeed she moves... more than expected!

In the break I heard Mareike complaining to her fiancé: "Why don't you tell her to change! I don't want to show only my tits!" So he asked me. Well, why not. Finally we had seen each other before.

I don't know for whom it was more embarrassing. For me, standing topless in front of them - or for her, knowing that her fiancé could see me like this. Then we made something extremely unpleasant: We pressed our upper bodies and our breasts against each other.

After a break and a bottle of champagne I felt a bit more comfortable. The atmosphere between us was still a bit tense, but I didn't care. Also Mareike became a little more relaxed. I had the impression that at this moment she would have liked nothing more than just to rape her fiancé. What she of course could not do as I was here. But she quite uninhibited touched him between his legs. And also when we began to wrestle again I could feel that she now was hotter than before.

Somehow she now was taken with my breasts. No idea why. Perhaps because hers were smaller than mine - or because mine were so sensitive? But if so my former friend must have told her. Did her really?

After another break and a second bottle of champagne we went on with our breasts. My former lover wanted us to work on our tits - as if we hadn't already done it for the last few minutes! And somehow I liked it all the time. To know that I aroused him - while wrestling in front of him with his fiancée!

Then I suddenly realised what Mareike must have whispered him into his ears before the fight: "Do you want to see her naked?" - Or how should I understand what she now did with me?

Okay, then let's see who of us will be the first to be in the nude! She defended herself as hard as she could, but her underwear made it quite easy for me. My body on the other side was not as easy to remove!

She tried it for some time - and then complained that she could not remove it. So I was told to lay on my back and not to defend myself any longer! What an incredible satisfaction for me!

Totally in the nude we again became quite shy! But finally we both had showed enough of ourselves - and not only me on the last photo!
height 172
age 29
weight 66
country Germany
cup size C
height 165
age 45
weight 58
country Germany
cup size C