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#159 article number: PCF-Old-1 - 2

Doris vs Mareike - Second shooting (23:54)

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Catfights (Storyline)




dressed --> topless


topless --> nude

dressed --> nude


furnished apartment


tit grabbing

tit pulling

crotch grabbing





legspread pin

body scissors

leg scissors











Second shooting:

This second shooting took place about four weeks after the first one. With Mareike responsible for the outfits. I guess she wanted it a little bit easier than last time. My opinion: It was ugly - like a nightie!

Also the atmosphere was very tense. The smile of Mareike was only false. Somehow I had the feeling that she only wanted to do her fiancé, my former lover, a favour. What a great start for a fight!

Though Mareike tried to do her best - it was different. There was no champagne, she didn't let me touch her tits - and untill now there was only very little I could see from her. She also only touched my breasts to push me away.

Only when I started to slap her bum with my flat hand she finally began to defend herself!

In the next break I heard her talking to her fiancé: "... no, I will not fight topless..." and "... no, I now want to sit on Doris. Then she can see for herself how she gets free again..."

This was all I needed. Obviously they have had a quarrel after our last shooting. Because I had aroused her fiancé, my former lover? I guess until now I only saw one of her tits. And I loved the idea that I obviously was still able to arouse him with by body. And this in front of his fiancée! I loved the situation!

And now let's see if she will not show a little bit more of her own!

Now we were both topless. It was interesting to play with her. And to see how far she would go this time.

When we started pulling at our tits I guess we both felt...

... that our session was coming to the end - and one of us would soon be in the nude. Like following a secret sign we both tried to pull down our panties. I hers - and she mine.

What then followed was obviously the revenge for the fact that I forced her to show herself totally in the nude.

My tits hurt for days!

When Mareike was under the shower my former friend asked my for a little portrait. I'm quite sure: When she will watch this video to its end, he will surely no longer be her fiancé - but also her former lover!

height 172
age 29
weight 66
country Germany
cup size C
height 165
age 45
weight 58
country Germany
cup size C