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#1094 article number: PCF-Old-3 - 4

Doris vs Mareike - taking another woman's underwear (13:52)

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Catfights (Storyline)



Homemade / Private

panty / panty & bra

dressed --> topless


furnished apartment


tit grabbing

tit pulling

facesitting (clothing)





body scissors











Nothing came of Mareike's dreams with the dancing and aerobics, although she had planned everything from the skipping to the oil. I shouldn't care a damn about it one way or the other because I was going to move about 400 miles away. Then Mareike could do what she wanted in peace and my ex would always stay my ex. Perhaps the two of them will find themselves a new playmate.

I had learned that playing with fire - that is, turning my ex on in front of his fiancée and perhaps winning him back - could be very dangerous. I can't deny that I enjoyed making Mareike jealous - me, the ex-girlfriend naked in front of her fiancé. Yes, I was sometimes quite aroused by it, but now it was over, I didn't want to do it any more!

Then, one week before I moved, the phone rang. It was my ex, and had he been in the room with me he would surely have been on his knees! One last time, he pleaded; he wanted to do a catfight story about a woman taking another woman's underwear, three rounds, topless.

I didn't know then that Mareike also had something in store for me - a leaving present: she wanted to close the chapter "Doris" in glory by beating, humiliating and even torturing me in front of her fiancé. Had I known that I would have nipped his idea in the bud there and then!

The first round was harmless enough, a bit of hair-pulling and grabbing and pinching tits. After four minutes I had lost. After all, my ex had not told me that I should win.

But why shouldn't I win? If I am going away, she should at least have something to remember me by! Round 2 started with pulling breasts, especially the nipples. Although we both grinned, neither of us meant it. My nipples hurt like hell and the stupid slut kept pulling them again and again. If I gave up now, that would be the end of the story. Give up, me? NEVER! I nearly ended the second round with a face-sitting!

The last round was nearly as long as the first two put together! Mareike played her part so intensely that it was easy to believe that the fighting was not about underwear but about her fiancé! Pinching the tits looked quite harmless but it hurt terrribly and she kept on doing it. I gave up; what the hell - my ex had everything he wanted and stopped the camera.

Mareike grinned all over her face: "Now then, have I taught you a lesson? Have you had enough?" - ridiculous. The slut thought that one victory would wipe out all the other defeats, so I answered: "It was you who stopped!" - then she attacked me again and maltreated my tits for nearly 3 minutes until they felt really damaged!
height 172
age 29
weight 66
country Germany
cup size C
height 165
age 45
weight 58
country Germany
cup size C