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#183 article number: CFK-2 - 1

Inez vs Angy (08:14)

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dressed --> nude


furnished apartment


heavy hairpulling

tit grabbing

tit pulling

crotch grabbing

labia pulling

facesitting (clothing)

pussy to mouth







legspread pin

body scissors

leg scissors










The first two girls are Inez and Angy. While the mats on the floor in the meantime reached a temperature of almost 40 Centigrade! But the two didn't seem to care at all. Without hesitation Angy attacked Inez that powerful and skilled that Inez was that surprised that all she could do was to take the lower part.

A position Inez really hadn't expected! After the fight she told us: "I felt as if she wanted to pull my pussy up till my belly!" - Yes, Inez. That's exactly the impression we had too. And it surely wasn't a very pleasant feeling! - But of course Inez wouldn't be Inez if she wouldn't have done her best to pay back. A quick turn, pushing her up, a roll , a jump onto Angy - and then the revenge!

Different to Angy Inez always grabs her opponents really hard. And isn't willing to give them free again after some time. But then Inez made a mistake. She stood up to give Angy another chance. What she better wouldn't have done. Because now it was her, who had to suffer again.

But Angy obviously hadn't expected that Inez immediately grabbed her between her legs and pulled at her pussy lips, while sheltering her own with her elbow.

On the next images you can see very clear how methodically Inez fought her match. First she reached into the hair of Angy, then she pulled her down, and finally she gave her a hit between her legs to bring her down onto the mat.

Then she positioned herself on top of Angy and got her grip. Yes, Angy. Even pressing your legs together will not help you any more, when Inez gets her grip. And not only that. Slowly Angy seemed to become exhausted.

But who now thinks that Angy would have given up, doesn't know her! One is for sure: If she had, she would have spared herself a lot of pain! But we also wouldn't have had the chance to see these images! And also Inez wouldn't have had so much fun!

height 167
age 24
weight 54
country Germany
cup size B
height 169
age 23
weight 66
country Germany
cup size B