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#13667 article number: SP-1 - 2

Linda vs Alex - The Birthday Gift: (29:15)

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Catfights (extreme)





T-Shirt / blouse

dressed --> topless


topless --> nude

dressed --> nude


Shoebox (room 1 x 1,5m)


body punching




heavy hairpulling

tit grabbing

tit pulling

tit pulling (heavy)

labia pulling

labia pulling (heavy)

titfight - breast to breast


pussy slapping






red blond





The Birthday Gift: ca. 13 min. erotic video shooting & 17 min. catfight

Linda wanted to do something special for her husband’s birthday. When she sent me a text message, I wondered briefly, but we already swapped erotic pictures three years ago. So why not a video? But what is this all about? She explained what she plans and how I should film. It should not be a problem and so we made an appointment.

Arrived at my former apartment, I’ve got the camera. She sat down on the sofa, lifted her skirt, took her panty off and ordered to film her from all possible angles. The closer I kept the camera to her pussy, the darker became the picture. I took the camera away: "It’s too dark", but she didn’t want to realize it.

With the camera still on, I sat down on the sofa, took my panty off and spread my legs. She filmed and came closer to my pussy. Her face expression changed. Probably because she realized that she’s been filming my pussy and Kai would see it as well. The fact was that we needed more light!   

Various poses followed, first of Linda, then of me.

These were relatively good recordings. And for an "average" man they probably would make a nice gift, but for a Catfight fan? Once we were done, Linda stood by my side and I said to her: "Do you really think, this would turn Kai on? We both know what he wants and that’s the real reason why you invited me to come over!"

She considered briefly and said: "fine, should we begin in the pantry or on the mats? With panty and bra or naked from the start?" – She loathes me after all, but for her husband she would hazard the consequences.

I thought for a moment that in the shoebox things may become too violent. On the mats, if she gets me to the ground, I won’t be able to get up. In both cases she would be able to present me as a loser. This was her original intention, which is understandable! It was HER birthday gift after all.

"We’ll begin in the pantry. There is enough light there and floor cameras can be placed properly.”

And so we went again to "our" room and positioned ourselves in "our" corners, Linda left, me right. I grabbed into her cleavage with my right hand. Linda was confused first, but then did the same to me. Linda: "Let’s get the tits out and knead, Titfight?"

"No, keep them inside for a while ...not yet" – I said and started to massage her breasts. Not in a pleasant way, it should be uncomfortable! While fighting I only squeeze Linda’s tits, when she hurts me or in order to free myself from her grasp. What we did this time is not easy to describe. While fighting I react by doing things that lead me to the victory, but this time it was not exactly a fight. It was about showing the dominance.

Usually, while fighting I don’t have second thoughts about pain, this time I had to think twice before doing something. Linda would do the same to me immediately. I began to knead her tits. Linda then said: "This way Kai won’t be able to see anything" And I grabbed even harder. Kai certainly will see what’s happening and I want to have it so. I looked into her face, she screwed up her eyes each time I grabbed. Me too.

I didn’t care anymore about the birthday video from Linda for Kai. She squeezed my tits and I did the same to her hoping that five minutes will pass quickly!

I’ve been so rough to her, I’ve got the feeling that she would start to cry or worse, literally kick my ass! And when the 5 minutes were over, no it was not the end yet, she started to heavily slap me. I just had to stop this. I was not going to let that stupid cunt to beat the crap out of me.

Now to my horror I realized that we don’t wear panties. We left them in the living room and after all that hustle and bustle forgot to put back on. Well, my fingers on her labia and inside her pussy would be twice as unpleasant. She fought back fiercely, scrunched her thighs, but that did not really help. On the second try I’ve got a finger inside! Will she stop at last?

But what that dirty skunk is doing instead? She’s about to tear my labia off!

I kept telling myself: once more, stick a finger into her and keep going until this bitch quits. But she continued grabbing my pussy, so I got my hands on her tits. I don’t know what was more painful me sticking fingers into her or squeezing her tits.

By now, she not just pressed her legs together, no she also turned away from me. We both were aware that there was not much to "see" for the camera. But for me it was no longer about getting nice recordings. I wanted to END it, but not as a loser!

Then it only became worse, that bitch started to punch, to pull hair and then came face slaps, for both!

After almost 13 min., it should have been only 5, her tits were bruised and she slowly became exhausted. From a certain moment I was able to reach between her legs only from behind, which was easier, of course, but not as much to see. And unfortunately, she also managed to grab my pussy.

When she hunkered down, I put an end to it. I grabbed her pussy with both hands and was going to pull her up by the labia. But she pulled mine, too.

I somehow managed to get a finger into her from behind and simultaneously squeeze and pull her tits. And finally, after endlessly long 17 minutes, Linda submitted. Although she said: "just give me a minute", in fact she was DONE!

height 170
age 47
weight 105
country Germany
cup size D
height 170
age 42
weight 87
country Germany
cup size D