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#495 article number: ACG-11 - 2

Nicole vs Anja - Camera 1 (17:05)

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Catfights (extreme)



panty / panty & bra

topless --> nude


basement / other rooms


heavy hairpulling

tit grabbing

tit pulling

tit pulling (heavy)


crotch grabbing

labia pulling



legspread pin

head scissors

body scissors









After the fight, Bambi walked Anja's dogs and meanwhile held Anja and Nicole the following conversation:

Nicole: This has been fun but I don't like it with Bambi, she is my friend and therefore I have not been able to be rude to her, hand me a stranger and I show you what I can do!

Anja: Am I stranger enough to you? - short answer by Nicole: Yes!

What happens during the first 60 seconds? Nicole takes Anja in a headlock and pinches her breast with the other hand. Anja pinches Nicole in her thigh and draws her to the floor by her hair, and again pinches Nicole into Anja's breast! - and CUT!

As I saw this I have stopped the fight for I instantly knew that this was going to be something really special and therefore we had to organize a second camera. This fight was way more than a casting! - and it went on the like.

This fight opens a new dimension of pussyfight. It has nothing to do with touching labia but it is all about pulling and ripping the labia.

Both go together fine with the fixation of legs and and working with their hands. Each fighter uses one hand for hairpulling and the other one for attacks ,e.i. in the breast. They let not go unless their own pain becomes too bad!

What looks quite peaceful on the pictures, especially on the one in the middle, is in fact terribly painful for Nicole carves her fingernails into Anja`s legs. As you can see did not even the breast pulling help Anja then!
height 163
age 23
weight 62
country Germany
cup size E
Anja (Katrin)
height 172
age 22
weight 56
country Germany
cup size E