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#14351 article number: PCF-Old-9 - 4

Now I learned to respect them! (10:52)

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Catfights (Storyline)




garter belt

dressed --> topless


furnished apartment



heavy hairpulling

tit grabbing

tit pulling


crotch grabbing





legspread pin

body scissors











4. Now I learned to respect them!


After the fight with Vicky I took a half-hour break. I was used to it from the encounters with Inez and even Larissa, but not with Vicky. So here comes Alexa, who closely followed the fight. OMG, what comes next?

Alexa began courageously, just seconds after the start she pulled my panty, that was unpleasant. But I pulled hers up the back, really painful! *grin*

I thought, if I don’t get a grip on this woman immediately, then I’m finished, so grab her hair fast and don’t forget the tits!

That worked just fine. Alexa resisted fiercely, but I’ve got her! As long as she won’t get atop of me…

But she managed it. As opposite to Vicky Alexa had no issues with grabbing my tits, she did it aggressively. Getting out of her grasp would be not so easy.

It was more difficult than I have expected.  The heavier I grabbed Alexa’s body parts the fiercer she fought back and obviously had a blast. Vicky was just the appetizer.

Even sitting atop of Alexa was not satisfying. I pulled her panty and she tore mine with more force. I grabbed her breast with one hand, she pulled on both of mine. I grabbed her crotch, she ripped my panty. OUCH!!!  And it continued this way.

Neither of us wanted to give in and I noticed that my power was dwindling. I badly needed a break, but could not let go Alexa even for a second.

As soon as I let her go for just a second, Alexa got up immediately. Great, standing fight would be less exhausting, or so I thought…

Well, I was wrong with this presumption and something unexpected happened:: Alexa dared to grab my crotch, and not simply grab, I had to press my legs together.

I was completely taken off guard when she yanked up my leg, I lost the balance and suddendly she was atop of me.

Everything was useless, be it hair pulling or panty grabbing, she just sat here and seemingly enjoyed it... and before I was forced to kiss her pussy I decided I’d better submit! Losing twice against the Berlin bimbos? It could not get any worse!

height 172
age 29
weight 66
country Germany
cup size C
Alexa B.
height 173
age 18
weight 58
country Germany
cup size B