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#14350 article number: PCF-Old-9 - 3

Now it’s that little bitch’s (Vicky) turn! (10:52)

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Catfights (Storyline)




garter belt

dressed --> topless


furnished apartment



heavy hairpulling

tit grabbing

tit pulling


crotch grabbing

facesitting (clothing)





legspread pin

head scissors












3. Now it’s that little bitch’s (Vicky) turn!

After the last fight we had to take longer break which annoyed the hell out of me. Actually, that whole day was annoying. Ich wanted a real catfight, I wanted to offer Kai something special: to overpower and to humiliate my opponents!

I wanted to present the girls naked to Kai (boss ofKontex)  Look, that’s how they look like, but only I will be fucked!  Yes, that’s my idea of a video shoot at the end of which I will be satisfyed!

But this hideously giggling Vicky... I really can’t be bothered with such piece of work.

Well, eyes shut and go for it. I’ll threw Vicky on the floor and fumble with her a little. First seconds ran as planned: hair tearing, headlock and down..But she won’t let me drag her down to the floor, grabbing her butt cheeks did not help either.

I was slightly confused, tried to get my hand into her panty, pulled her labia even harder than the hair, pulled her panty, but she won’t go down to the floor, she just won’t!  What the fuck?

I thought  I got her under control, but when I was trying to grab her crotch, she yanked my leg up and almost knocked me over. Isn’t that outrageous?

Getting that little bitch down to the ground was quite an effort. It all happened durind the first 60 seconds.

Something was wrong with her, no laughing, no giggling. I tried really hard, have I already mentioned how fiercely we pulled each other’s hair and how painfully I squeezed her tits?  Not to mention wedgies!

Then she extricates herself from my grasp, jumps on top of me and I am lying where she was supposed to lie. End of the 2nd minute, if it will continue this way, I will be humiliated by my boyfriend !

The woman clutched at my hair, I pinched her breast, that was just OUCH and when I finally managed to grab both of her tits, I threw her off at last. The beast is tough.

I only managed to restrain her by painful squeezing of her tits. And still she heavily pulled on my panty. That‘s not how I imagined this whole fight.

The woman was like an eel. In my previous fights I sometimes deliberately let the opponent get atop of me. I thought it would be boring if I am always on top, now my issue was that I am the one permanently below. Let see if wedgies help.

It seemed to work, I almost managed to free myself and tore her butt cheeks. But still, I could not get her off myself entirely. *grrr*

I guess I overestimated myself, after the first fight I thought that the others will be easy-breezy as well. Vanquish all the bitches, spend the rest of the day with Kai and earn some money, yeah!

Now do I have to eat pussy of this little bitch?

Not even raw violence helps! Where is that shy petite girl I knew from the earlier fights?

Finally, I’ve got her down pat, her pussy is bare and mine right below it., Kai will love this!

This fight was a tough piece of work, so let’s end it. Watch how the panty cuts the pussy and disappears between the labia. Tasty!

Idon’t know how that woman managed to free herself from my grasp over and over again. The only reason why she did not got atop of me again is that I firmly grabbed her tits.  Instead, I found myself between her legs and had to smell her pussy, not good at all!

I have no idea where that little bitch got so much strenght, although I never let go of her tits, she managed to get atop of me. Then i lost hold of them and tried to drag her down, but she firmly hold on my hair. She pulled on my panty and I on hers, the last possibility to get her down and to win!

I was done and so was she!

height 172
age 29
weight 66
country Germany
cup size C
height 160
age 24
weight 43
country Germany
cup size B