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#13004 article number: PCF-Old-8 - 2

Now she isn’t grinning any more! (09:18)

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Catfights (Storyline)




furnished apartment


heavy hairpulling

tit grabbing

tit pulling

tit pulling (heavy)

crotch grabbing

labia pulling

labia pulling (heavy)

pussy to mouth

titfight - breast to breast






legspread pin

body scissors












Cindy: Here is the continuation of PCF-Old-6 and PCF-Old-7, as always with Doris’ description of the fight and behind the scenes, and above all, what was going through her head at the time.


Doris: Larissa made eyes at my ex-boyfriend all day long. I don’t think there’s anything unusual in a woman being interested in a man, but did it have to be my ex, the man I wanted back?

How do you men deal with that: “We’ll settle this outside...”.  We women can do it that way as well, but we had a film to make and Kai didn’t want any fisticuffs in it – a pity, really!

That turned out to be my last fight with Larissa that day. I must have been good, because I ended up going home before all the filming ended. I would much rather have stayed until the end, with Larissa and Inez having gone and me and Kai  (the proprietor of Kontex) driving to my place – no such luck!

Enough chat – Larissa, the bitch, started, and wanted to show me who’s boss…

...and she nearly succeeded, but I took my chances and gave as good as I got. Her tit-pulling made no impression on me, and when I pressed my breast in her face she WASN”T grinning any more!

If she doesn’t like my tits in her face, how will my cunt taste? I sat right on her face! Even after so many years I still have the same wonderful feeling when I see it!

Then I let myself fall back and pulled the bitch with me by her hair. Great pictures, don’t you think?

OK, I don’t want to exaggerate, I didn’t have the bitch completely where I wanted her. She fought back, and how! Did I mention that she wasn’t grinning any more?

It was hard work fighting Larissa, but even more difficult staying sitting on her, but now I grabbed her hair just in time as she was trying to wriggle out from under my ass cheeks – back under she went! Even when she tried turning her head to one side. I grabbed her between the legs and did something which made her give up immediately. And what was that? Guess!

height 172
age 29
weight 66
country Germany
cup size C
height 170
age 24
weight 60
country Germany
cup size B